Imported Clay Roof Tiles : Coloroof Plus II


Coloroof Plus II is an imported clay roof tile manufactured in Malaysia. It has a classic profile that never goes out of style in India. The double valley shape of the tile establishes a distinctive Mediterranean look granting it an unsurpassed beauty and makes it an ideal choice for your classy home, modern retreat or any business centre. Made from the finest clay, Coloroof Plus II is exceptionally strong with high level of color retention and require minimal maintenance.



  • Double valley shape
  • Delayed moss and fungi formation
  • Manufactured in H-Cassettes
  • Low water absorption: < 7 %
  • Available in Matte, Semi - glossy & Glazed coating

Technical Specification

  • Tiles per square meter: 13.5 pcs
  • Minimum slope: 200
  • Unit weight: 3.7 Kg
  • Straight joint and break joint
  • Batten space: 340 mm X 345 mm

Company Profile

The world leader in quality roofing, Braas Monier Building Group is the largest roofing company worldwide, with offices in 33 countries, continental technical centers and over 100 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Present in India since 1997, Monier Roofing (formerly known as Lafarge Roofing) offers a range of concrete roof tiles, glazed and matt finished imported clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components; specifically designed for the Indian roof market. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Nashik, some of its leading products manufactured in India have changed the architectural landscape of India over the years.


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